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Dedicated Los Angeles Lawyers Handle a Range of Insurance Disputes

Experienced California attorneys represent companies and policyholders in insurance-related matters

When insurance issues become complex, the guidance of a knowledgeable attorneys is often the best way to resolve them. At Weinreb Law Group in Los Angeles, we represent both insurance carriers and policyholders in a variety of insurance law issues, including pursuing bad faith claims against insurers, interpreting insurance contracts and handling first and third-party benefit claims. Our decades of experience in the legal world, along with handling both sides of insurance disputes, gives us the perspective to fully understand what is involved and the best path to follow to solve the problem. Whether you believe your claim was unfairly denied, are bringing a third-party claim or want to understand how best to manage your claims process, we will work to produce a fair and appropriate outcome.

Thorough law firm assists with bad faith claims

Insurers are required to treat policyholders fairly and in good faith. Specifically, the insurer must refrain from unreasonably denying, underpaying, delaying or terminating a valid claim. When there is evidence a claim was handled unreasonably, the policyholder may have grounds to file a bad faith claim. These cases rely heavily on facts, and we know how to analyze an allegation to see if it has merit and, if so, the best way to construct an effective argument to support our client’s position.

Knowledgeable advocate reviews insurance contracts and claims management procedures

Insurance contracts sometimes run for hundreds of pages and usually contain dense language that may make it challenging to understand how it applies in a specific case. Further, the claims management process is central to how efficiently and effectively the insurance relationship operates. We provide thorough reviews of insurance contracts to ensure there is a full understanding of the meaning of contract terms, as well as an analysis of how well the claims management process works to determine whether the current process is efficient, keeps costs down and leaves policyholders feeling satisfied.

Reputable lawyers work on first and third-party claims

In certain circumstances, third parties who are not named in the policy may have the right to seek benefits. In both these cases and first-party claims where the policyholder is the potential beneficiary, our firm delivers skillful representation. Many third-party claims arise when someone injured in a vehicle accident seeks relief from the carrier for the driver who is ostensibly at fault for the collision. This distinction can alter the way an insurer defends against the claim. We understand the important difference between each type of claimant and educate our clients about their rights and obligations.

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