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Knowledgeable California Commercial Litigator Handles All Types of Business Disputes

Skilled Attorneys Deliver Strong Results in Contract, Tort, and Other Matters

Whether you or your business is the plaintiff or defendant, the outcome of a commercial litigation matter can have permanent consequences for you or your company. Weinreb Law Group represents individuals and companies, big and small, in providing sound business advice and representation in business litigation involving breaches of contract, partnership disputes, business torts, and various commercial transactions and relationships.

WLG diligently works to resolve business disputes on behalf of their clients through direct negotiations, mediation and arbitration, and if needed, through litigation. Recognizing the disruption to productivity and reputation that occurs when a business becomes involved in a dispute or litigation, WLG works diligently to resolve disputes and litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible while aggressively protecting our clients’ interests and achieving the best results.

Accomplished Law Firm Pursues Favorable Resolutions for Commercial Disputes

Regardless of the specific issue, WLG provides comprehensive advocacy that allows you to focus on your business. We assist small and large companies in all types of litigation, including cases relating to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business torts
  • Fraud claims
  • Real estate litigation

WLG provides clients with the information they need to make smart decisions. We always consider bottom-line concerns when assessing legal options and deliver cost-effective representation to each business we serve.

Samples of Past Successful Representations

Partnership Dispute

Weinreb Law Group represented a company and two of its partners in a dispute with a third partner who abandoned the company but continued to seek company profits and benefits. WLG successfully moved to have the matter arbitrated pursuant to the company’s operating agreement and vigorously defended and prosecuted the claims of its clients, resulting in a dismissal of the claims against the company and its remaining partners.

Business Advice

Weinreb Law Group has provided business advice for companies, including guiding them in contractual matters, employment issues, including employee contracts and severance agreements, contracts with vendors, and insurance issues.

Dedicated Advisers Advocate in Trials, Mediations and Arbitrations

Numerous options exist for companies that seek to resolve a commercial conflict. By working closely with your company, WLG can outline the relative advantages of each available forum. In many cases, we are able to save you time, money and stress by using an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation or arbitration. However, when it is in your best interests, WLG is always ready to enforce your legal rights at trial.

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